Unreliable casino portals – how can you avoid them?

Before starting to gamble online you must be aware of the fact that the great majority of specialized portals are reliable and legitimate, but there are still a few unscrupulous ones out there looking for uninformed newcomers (always ready to betray your trust). You are supposed to take into consideration several aspects when you are looking for a reliable casino portal. You must always stick to those portals including online casino reviews that use reputable suites of games. This means you have to find out if they use a well-known gaming software (Microgaming, OddsOn and RTG are the most common examples).

These programs are used when you play games. They can be either a separate program from your browser or Flash games played from within your browser. Another good way of verifying the quality of a casino portal is to test out the Customer Support team of the casinos it comprises. You should be very cautious with any online casino that does not offer you 24/7 customer support. Usually, reputable casinos offer free email support, toll-free telephone support and in some cases even personal chat support. So, all you have to do is to ask several simple questions and wait for a prompt, polite and correct answer. It is important not to forget paying attention to the aspect of the portal web sites. Convincing quality web sites cost a lot of money to make. It is advisable not to trust those sites looking inconsistent and incomplete. They denote a poor quality and shallowness. In case they contain spelling mistakes there might also be a problem. Spelling mistakes (found in casino web sites) suggest that the respective sites have been put together quickly without having been previously checked. Reputable and legitimate casino sites rarely let this happen. The best thing for you is to keep your eyes wide open when you are looking at casino web sites (included within a certain portal) and think twice in case you might not feel right about anything.

Finding the right type of casino portals is not such a hard task as it might seem. It is a common thing that software-based casinos require an initial download before signing up for an account. This can sometimes take about half an hour as the software comprises the common games and all you need to safely sign up for an account. As soon as you have downloaded the software, just install it, sign up for an account and get started with your game. You can find all the basic casino games included but you can also download quickly and easily a wide range of other games. As a matter of fact this represents the most common way of gambling online and it is suited to people playing the games from one computer.

As opposite to software- based casinos, flash-based casinos do not require the download of any software. In fact, it means that anytime you might feel like playing, you are supposed to log into the casino web site and download the Flash games before starting to play. Though it does not take too long to do this, it can get really annoying after the first few times. The advantages of using Flash lie in the fact you can gamble from virtually any connected computer. It is not important at all whether or not it is a PC, Mac or WEBTV box. We should add that the Flash software is a standard part of modern browsers and is available as a plug-in for older browsers.

Some reliable online casinos are now trying to cover both aspects and possibilities by offering a software-based casino and a Flash-based casino at the same time. This gives you the chance of letting you choose how you want to play. If you want to verify the quality of a casino portal you should better check the variety of games offered by the casinos it comprises. It is good for you to always make sure they offer the games you actually want to play. The great majority of online casinos provide you with all the traditional games like: blackjack, roulette, craps, slots, etc. You will also discover that they offer variants of these games (or at least a part of them) such as 5 reel slots and video poker options. Many casinos combine as well efforts to offer progressive slots games where the jackpots can be limitless in size. All good, reliable and reputable casinos will be able to present you a list of the games they offer (most casinos offer over 30-40 games in total).

It is also important that, every time you are checking the casinos (within a portal), you should make sure that you are allowed to play at those casinos in your country. Online casinos are sometimes not allowed to accept players from countries like Russia and South Africa. Everything is supposed to be straightforward, but it is still a good idea that you should become absolutely certain. After having completed all these checking actions, all you have to do is to enter your details, choose how you want to pay for chips and click the button. The best online casinos generally offer you the possibility to play for real (for money) or as a guest (for free). Once you are satisfied with the free service and you are completely sure you can rely on that casino, you may deposit money and start to play for real. You must also pay attention to the sign up bonuses. After having signed up you have to be prepared for taking advantage of the free bonuses offered to new customers. Usually, details of all the bonus promotions available on offer are shown quite prominently right on the main page of the online casino web site while further details and information are generally posted on a separate page of the site. You need to follow the rules attentively in order to claim the bonuses offered by the casino.

So, after having checked through all the casinos (of a portal), found the best one for you and signed up, all you have to do next is to get gambling safe, knowing that you have made the right choice. It is not an easy task to always find the most reliable casino portals comprising the best online casinos with the most attractive bonuses and games. Nevertheless, the more information you achieve the easier will be for you to avoid the surprises you might encounter along the way.