Common Mistakes of Poker Beginners

Mistake #1: Playing several hands

The need to play is the objective of most people who sits in a game. Often, this means non-essential hands are also being played.

Mistake #2: Playing above your limit

In most cases, the aspect of money gets into the mind of players. Greed creeps in and they take part in games where the competition is tough.

Initially, stick to a regular limit. Master the game before you move on to play in higher limit games.

Mistake #3: Showing too much emotions at the table

Losing is a part of the game of poker. Accept the fact and do not be ruled by emotions because it can cloud your judgment.

Mistake #4: Not using pot odds

The concept of pot odds can boost your hand. Few novice players recognize pot odds, and they often call most of the time.

Mistake #5: Using a two-color deck

Red and black are the two colors that cross the minds of most people when thinking of cards.

Two options are provided in some online poker rooms: the regular two-color and four-color piles. The four suits are represented by four distinct colors.

While this may seem awkward at the onset. Eventually, the four color deck can provide convenience in time.

The two color deck opens up situations wherein your card might be perceived for something else which is not.

Mistake #6: Not adhering to etiquette

This is an error that novice players commit. When you intend to raise, simply call out "raise" and the amount you wish to raise.

Mistake #7: Imitating other players

Emulating a player lacking in skills means duplicating a many of their unwanted habits. Imitating what you see on television invites danger. The judgments of most professionals in the television may not be applicable to you at all.

Poker success is not achieved through imitation but rather through knowledge of the intricacies of the game.

Mistake #8: Superstitions

Due to its random nature, people associate their luck to some similar event that simultaneously happened with their fortunes in other games. Ignorance may be a better part of valor but some people place their luck on changing their seats or their socks in order to win,

Mistake #9: Exaggerating Suited Hands

This is an obvious mistake but some people commit the mistake of calling a flop using a pair of suited cards. The odd of a flush being flopped or drawn is below 12%. This is a low odd and you need to consider other options to play a beginning hand aside from the suit.