Internet Tells in Poker

An Internet tell is an indication of how fast or how slow in which your opponents in online poker act. You can understand and analyze these Internet tells to know the strengths and weaknesses of your opponents in online poker. However, be aware that not all Internet tells are accurate since some players play more than one table simultaneously and thus are obviously not playing at his normal pace.

An online poker player who waits a longer time than normal before placing a bet usually possesses a strong hand. He wants to appear weak by "thinking" in order to fool you into making a call. On the other hand, an online poker player who delays before checking usually has a weak hand. This player tries to look strong by "thinking" about placing a bet. This player only wants to get a card by trying to make you check.

An online poker player who bets or raises instantly on the turn or the river generally has a strong hand. This player only wants to you to make a call. On the turn, this player usually got a strong hand. On the river, an instantaneous raise could mean that "nuts" or a hand is nearby. But a word of caution: while some online poker players who raise instantly on the flop usually have strong hands, there are also some players with weak hands who raise in order to get a free card.

An quick check could also mean weakness. Most players, especially those who play two online poker tables at the same time, make use of the check or fold button so they can fold their hands to any bet. For example, if you are placed last and then the first player makes a check while the next two instantly check, a bluff against the first player may be a wise move because the other two players before you have nothing yet to show in the first place.

This tell should be handled with extreme caution. An online poker player might look like that he is instantaneously checking when he is in fact checking very quickly. There are some tricky players who deliberately slow down their hands by using the check/call button on the online poker software. Also, look out for online poker players who check quickly and then raises. Usually, this player wants to look weak and fool you into betting into his strong hand.

Internet tells are useful in situations where you don't know who you are playing against and what their playing styles and skill levels are. But you can also prevent other poker players from using Internet tells to analyze your play. When playing online poker, simply change the speed in which you make bets on every hand.